If you are looking to get dental implants, then you are already on the way to restoring your smile back. The dental implants are surgically placed and integrated with the jawbone. So, there is an absolute necessity for the bones to be strong enough to support the osseointegration process during the implants. Many patients have the doubt if they will need bone grafting before the dental implants procedure. Here are some ideas on bone grafting from the expert dentists who offer affordable dental implants cost Sydney.

Is Bone Grafts necessary for all the cases of dental implants?

Your oral surgeon will recommend having a bone grafting only in the following cases – If your bone is not deep or wide, or if it is not thick/dense enough. In case, if the intended dental implants site is considered to be inadequate, a bone grafting might be done to enhance the quality of the surgical area. This process is carried out by extracting a natural bone from the own body and applying the same in the jaw area.

But, the reality is bone grafting procedure is not always required for the dental implants!

Your dental implants Sydney oral surgeon will ask you to visit the dental office for an examination. X-rays will also be taken to inspect if your jawbone possesses the appropriate foundation for the implant. The doctor does this, because, if the jawbones are weak, there are many chances that the dental implants could fail over time.

Will A Bone Graft extend the duration Of the Treatment?

Yes, obviously bone grafting procedure is sure to extend the duration of the overall treatment for dental implants Sydney. This is because, it takes multiple procedures and

steps for the dental implants treatment, and adding up an additional surgery will extend the duration of the process, even by several months.

bone grafts

Kinds of Bone Grafts in the Dental Implants Process

● Minor Bone Graft – In this procedure, the dentist will remove the damaged teeth, and use a minor graft. He will place human bone granules into the empty tooth socket, and then secure it with a collagen membrane through stitches. This is a very minor procedure, which is done to increase the height of the bones, and the recovery time is very short.

● Medium Bone Graft – When the height and width of the jaw bone has to be restored, the oral surgeon will make a small incision on the affected bone and add in the bone granules.

● Major Bone Graft – When a person looks to replace missing teeth after a long time, they would have undergone a severe bone loss. The surgeon usually places a block of bone taken from somewhere in the body and uses screws and plates to create a foundation for the dental implant. This procedure usually takes months to heal before the oral surgeon from affordable dental implants Sydney could place any implants.

After reading through the different types of bone grafts, you might be thinking if bone grafting for dental implants safe? Yes, it is safe when an experienced and licensed surgeon conducts the process. Though the process might seem to be time-consuming, the result is worth waiting for!