An ultrasound technique called UltraShape helps reduce fat cells and shape the body. It targets the abdominal and flanks fat cells. Patients must have three treatments spaced apart by two weeks for best outcomes. It offers several benefits over plastic surgery, such as a less expensive procedure and a speedy, painless recovery. With ultrasonic energy applied beneath the skin’s surface to burst fat deposits, UltraShape is a body-contouring treatment.

It’s a procedure for reducing belly fat, not weight loss, and it targets fat tissue in the lower abdomen. The device’s frequency of therapy is unaffected because both options call for around three sessions total, spaced about two weeks apart. In principle, ultrashape hong kong is advisable for persons with troublesome stubborn fat regions.


You won’t require anesthesia because the UltraShape process is non-invasive. Ultrasonic technology targets abdominal fat cells without causing tissue damage to the surrounding region. Fat is liberated as triglycerides as the membranes of fat cells are damaged. By penetrating the outer layer of skin and distressing fat cells, UltraShape uses ultrasonic technology to destroy them.


The apparatus delivers varying pressure waves using a concentrated ultrasound to produce vapor cavities inside the fat cells. The fat tissue membranes are damaged by this pressure, leading to cell burst. For your skin to get enough time to eliminate the fat through your system, UltraShape sessions must be spaced at least two weeks off and typically last an hour. Triglycerides are processed by your liver and expelled from the body.

Target areas and cost

Although the stomach region and flanks are where UltraShape is most frequently utilized, more and more clinicians are also employing it to address the thighs and arms. With this non-invasive process, which doesn’t need a topical numbing, there is often no discomfort, stiffness, or inflammation. Nevertheless, most clinical research on UltraShape has been on how effective and secure it is when applied to the stomach.

The majority of patients say they usually had a pleasant experience. Many people even claim that the sessions are a little calming. Always request a thorough quotation from your provider before starting treatment, including the price per hour and the total number of sessions required to finish the operation. Asking about payment arrangements is another smart move.


The specific fat cells cannot regrow once the therapy has removed them. After UltraShape, continuing a good diet and exercise regimen is crucial because nearby fat cells might enlarge.