A healthy smile might seem like a simple thing to imagine, yet not everyone is fortunate enough to get it. We take most of our oral hygiene for granted and, by doing do, we don’t realize how crucial and important this is for our overall well-being.

Here are five easy tips to keep your pearly whites at their best so they can last you for a life time:

  1. Every dentist and dental hygienist can’t stress this enough every single time you meet them: proper brushing technique is key. A lot of people hesitantly do the routine every day, they take out their toothbrush and brush away.

Proper 45-degree alignment, in relationship to your teeth and gums, will provide you with an appropriate inclination for a broader removal of plaque in gums and teeth.


  1. Brush from side to side, gently. Don’t over do it, you can rub to much against your gums and experience pain and receding gum line.
  2. Reach every surface. A lot of individuals don’t realize that not only the frontal surface of the teeth needs to be cleaned. It’s not just what meets the eye that it’s important. Remember that a tooth is a three dimensional object and has many facets that need to get cleaned. Front, side, back and backside.
  3. This might be a crucial aspect of your overall dental well-being. Flossing provides you with reach and access to where the toothbrush cannot. Interdental cavities are the direct problem from the lack of flossing. This relates to cavities between teeth where plaque formation is abundant and was not removed.
  4. A lot of people complain about bad breath during the day. Although there are many reason why this can occur, it’s most likely that some left over food was missed while you brushed and flossed away. Perhaps you can resolve the issue with a mouthwash that can not only help your overall breath, but also clean and fortify your enamel. Please consult your North Miami Beach dentist to find out which is best for your smile.

Be smart about your overall dental hygiene. These are some quick tips to get you started with proper habits for a long lasting smile and an awesome dental hygiene. Bravo Dental is a comprehensive dental office specialized in general, endodontics, cosmetic, orthodontic dentistry.