baby photo shoot

Capture the lifetime moments of your toddler

Taking pictures of a baby is a very difficult job. It is very hard to get the proper or right angle so that nice pictures can be taken. New parents always want to frame all the moments of their new born, and that is why they become over enthusiastic in taking photographs of their kids. In fact, these days it has become handy and easy as cameras and mobile phones are there, and one can click their baby’s picture or make a video at any point of time.

But yes, there are professional photographers too who do baby photography in Mumbai and other cities. One can hire them as well as they know all the tricks and ways how to click a perfect photo of your little munchkin. But still, if you only want to frame them because it is your baby, then also you can go ahead.

baby photo shoot

There are some specifications that you really need to keep in mind when you are clicking those photographs.

  • Remember, the baby is a cute little thing. They are small and so you have to go down to their level and then take photographs. Most of the babies lie down while playing or crawl and so you might also have to spend a lot of time on the floor to take that perfect shot. Go closer to the baby and try to take wide and focal length photos, which will make them look more playful and vibrant.
  • Try to take more close ups as nothing can hold your baby’s lovable expressions than a perfect close up. Try to use a longer focal length in your camera than moving physically and frequently to take closer shots. If you go very close to them, they might get a bit afraid with the camera and the lens; so, try to maintain a distance always.
  • Try to capture their activities more. Capture those moments when they are taking a bath or trying to eat something or playing with a doll or car. If you have pets at home and your baby is friendly with them, then these two can make some lovely moments, and you can capture them which will be memorable ones. In fact, if your baby has an elder sibling, then there will be lots of cuddling, and they together can bring in some lovely shots.
  • You can try and use the macro mode present in your camera and play with the tiny body parts of your little one keeping them in or out of focus and make some lovely shots out of it.
  • Your baby is not in a very happy mode always. So, if they are in a cranky mood; do not try to capture them as it can be even more disturbing for them. Try to take time out when they are in a happy mood like they are playing or smiling and then go in the capturing spree. They might smile at you and give poses as well.
  • Do not use camera flashes often while taking pictures of your baby as they might hurt their eyes. Remember, they are very sensitive, and you have to be careful.

For baby photo shoot Mumbai, there are many professional photographers, who can capture the best moments and that too with care.