Oral Therapy for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder characterized by an individual having inconsistent breathing pattern while sleeping. Breathing temporarily stops for ten seconds and can sometimes happen repeatedly for five times in an hour. This disorder is sometimes connected to snoring which results to higher airway resistance. Our brain can detect a problem with our breathing […]

Things To Know If You Are Facing A Dental Emergency

Dental problems might not be serious at first glance, but so is everything else that later escalates into drastic situations. Hence, proper treatment and care should be done as soon as an emergency happens. A dislocated tooth or a simple cheek laceration might lead to infection resulting in severe health complications. Now when faced with […]

Advantages Of All Ceramic Dental Crowns

The all ceramic crowns are highly popular restorations that are highly attractive for people from all around the world. In the past porcelain was used but now we are faced with a special compound that is ceramic but that is much stronger. Different brand names are associated with these crowns like Optec and Paradigm. No […]

How to Help Your Baby During Teething

For new parents, it can be difficult to manage teething infants. The application of gel based products or outdated home remedies may provide little relief making it hard to manage the symptoms. Most children affected by the pain and swelling of new teeth and gums will cry a lot, prove restless and unable to sleep […]

What Does Restorative Dentistry Actually Mean?

A relatively new term is used these days in dentistry and this causes some degree of confusion among patients. When talking about restorative dentistry we basically refer to everything associated with dental restorations. The treatments covered include dental crowns, implants, fillings, canals, bridges and a whole lot more. In an ideal scenario, the patient recovers […]

What Are the Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth on Leaving

Cordales are popularly known as wisdom teeth, because they come in adulthood and not in childhood like the rest of the teeth. These molars usually cause some discomfort when leaving, a process that can last a long time, although if the patient has enough space in their mouth these molars will appear without causing major […]