Why Genetic Testing is Important for Your Family

Why Genetic Testing is Important for Your Family

Why Genetic Testing is Important for Your Family

Genetic testing is a procedure that aims at finding out if you and your partner are carriers of conditions that can be passed on to your child. This comes with vast benefits and can be a powerful tool in gauging the risk for specific diseases.

However, genetic testing may not be for everyone, and that’s why you require an expert to help you decide if it’s right for you. You can try Dr. Leela Patel in South Charleston, and you will not be disappointed. Being a primary care physician at Patel & Patel M.D., INC, Dr. Patel gives a comprehensive understanding of genetic testing to help you make informed decisions. Genetic testing can potentially yield vital information about your family, essential for planning as life is full of uncertainties. Dr. Patel ensures to present this information in the simplest way possible. Genetic testing can help you and your family in the following ways.

Accurate Diagnosis

In cases where health symptoms are so general that it becomes tough to get an accurate diagnosis with other available tests, genetic testing gives more information to associate different symptoms to a particular disease. This helps your health care provider to recommend a more rapid, targeted, and effective treatment.

A definite diagnosis can bring significant relief to your family, mostly if you have been concerned about a particular condition for a long time.

Facilitating family planning

This is one of the prominent reasons that have caused a rapid growth for genetic testing. When it is done before pregnancy or during the early stages of the pregnancy, it can help identify genetic mutations requiring early interventions. It is also crucial in helping you and your partner decide if having biological children is the right choice for you. Besides, major life decisions can be based on the information provided by a genetic mutation.

Better Quality of Life

Genetic testing can help relieve stress and give you peace of mind. This is because it eliminates certain uncertainties and worries of different risk factors associated with different conditions. With certain conditions having been diagnosed and ruled out, the stress and anxiety relief can be long-term, and this impacts your life and that of your child and their children.

Genetic testing also identifies genes that put you at significant risks of developing and passing along a specific complication. This information can pave a way to prevent the disease or induce a minor version.

Better Future for All

Genetic testing can improve life for all your family members and yield desired results. This is because it can identify certain traits in your family that can improve your lifestyles to prevent undesirable traits from recurring.

When it comes to pregnancy, it can be used to detect high-risk pregnancies. Therefore, high-risk mothers adjust their lifestyles and seek the right medical care to safeguard the baby’s safety and themselves.

Genetic testing has, over time, proven to have more benefits that can be crucial to you and your family. However, the accuracy of the test results is paramount. Therefore, medical experts who are accredited and with outstanding experience in the area should only perform the procedure.

To understand how you can gain from genetic testing, you can reach out to your provider at Patel & Patel MD., INC.

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