Physical fitness:

            The role of physical fitness cannot be negated and the need for physical fitness cannot be stressed enough especially when it comes to women as they are more vulnerable to many more difficulties serious health issues than men. The health conditions that affect women are somewhat different than men and women become more probe to certain illnesses when they are reaching their late forties where their hormone level become very haphazard and they get extensive mood swings, gain in weight, pain and cramps in all the muscles and a declining nervous system. The diet requirements also become very different than they were before and what with a large amount of muscle wastage taking place and is filled with fat cells, the body weight becomes unbearable for many women. Since more of protein is lost, it has to be supplemented with more proteins and minerals such as calcium to wade through these declining years.

The product:

            The product that is becoming more sought after these days in the sports circles especially is the branched chain amino acid supplement that is available online as well as in stores for the benefit of the women athletes particularly. Many women are taking to sports such as boxing, body building and weight lifting not to mention wrestling. Everyone wants to take fitness to the next level as new developments are taking place in the field of sports medicines. The most essential amino acids among the many found in nature are the branch chain amino acids and among them the three important ones so far are leucine, isoleucine, and valin which help in the synthesis of protein at every stage of the process. It is available in many formats which will make it easy and user friendly without the taste and smell of medicines. This is a great thing to have.


It is effective:

            The supplements are designed in women in focus as it is safe for usage by them and when the dosage level is kept under control, there are no chances for side effects or other serious conditions. It is very good for relieving pain caused by heavy workouts which the body builders have to endure and come back to work the next day but many find it impossible to get ready the next day due to the slow recovery process. With the use of the supplement, you can reduce the recovery time significantly and get you back into the workout mode easily and fast. It heals all the damage that takes place during exercise and keeps the level of proteins in the muscle at the required level.

For energy:

            The supplements are used also for increasing the level of energy and stamina in the body and this in turn helps in exercising more and lose more of fat and build muscle. The product gives strength to the muscles and the supplements are considered the best for women practising body building and it damages the muscle cells and the addition of the amino acids makes more amino acids leading to the formation of muscles so that the wastage is not felt. These amino acids are also called technically as proteinogenic as they generate the protein cells to form more muscles. Generally the muscle proportion in women is quite less compared with men and they are prone to more muscle wastage than men. The energy level is needed to lose weight by improving the metabolic rate.


            The dosage for women ranges between three to five grams per day and can be taken before hitting the gym or take fitness more seriously by taking it with breakfast.

George Abbot

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