Smoking is a major cause of lung cancer. Containing hundreds of ingredients and thousands of harmful chemicals, tobacco smoke clouds are quickly being replaced with puffs of water vapor, thanks to the invention of vapes.

What is a vape, you ask? Well, these intelligent little tools can be held in the palm of your hand and used for an on-the-go instant nicotine hit, minus the stinky smell of cigarettes. Safer, healthier and cheaper than smoking, vaping starter kits require an initial investment. However, once you are stocked up on e-liquid, you’re ready to start saving both your health and money.

Let’s say that the average a packet of cigarettes costs $7. Someone who smokes a pack daily would be parting ways with just over $2,500 of their hard-earned cash every single year. Vaping 3ml of e-liquid daily (rather than smoking) could save you approximately $1,854-$2,243 annually.

If you want to smoke less and spend less, first feed your knowledge on this growing craze:

  1. What are the main components of a vape and how does it work?

A vape consists of a number of parts, each of which is as important as the other. For this reason, maintenance of the parts is essential. The battery kick-starts the atomizer into action. This atomizer heats up the coil. As a result, the e-liquid heats up and turns into a vapor. When the vape user inhales, the vapor will release from the mouthpiece, allowing the user to exhale a cloud of smoke. Vaporizers also have buttons that control temperature, nicotine and smoke level settings.

  1. Choosing the Right Type of Vape

Although every type of vape will comprise of the aforementioned components, this is not to say that every device functions in the same way. Consider buying a starter vape kit if you are beginning, as this will enable you to get a feel for vaping and what works for you. A Vape MOD is a modified, more advanced type of vape with an extended battery life and robust build. MODs are long-lasting and will deliver powerful hits. Dry herb vape pens are an alternative option for cannabis consumers who want to inhale combusted smoke. E-liquid vape pens use e-juices made of nicotine, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Wax vape pens are designed with special atomizers suitable for vaping thick oils.

  1. Determining a Vape Wattage Setting

The vaporizer power settings will measure resistance to Ohms (Ω). Vaporizers that are equipped with lower resistance coils work by heating the e-liquid at a lower voltage to produce extra vapor and flavor. This, in turn, produces maximum flavor. A device with higher resistance might deliver a more satisfying puff, but power output will be compromised. Adjusting tank airflow will help you to savor the vaping experience according to your preferences.

  1. Selecting a Vape Flavor

Don’t forget to mix things up by diversifying your range of e-liquids. The more flavors you sample at the beginning, the easier it will be to determine what type of flavor profile best suits you, e.g. sweet or savory. Some popular vape liquids available in 2018 include Boomslang e-Juice, SLO-MO e-Juice, and American Pie e-Juice.

  1. Understanding Basic Vaping Safety

Practicing proper vaping safety need not be difficult. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand that a battery must be stored in a cool, dry place. It is important that you do not “fry” the battery by overcharging. Avoid using an undercharged vape, as this will put pressure on its parts. Clean the tank regularly and only replace broken parts with new parts from a dependable retailer.

  1. Calculating How Much Money You Will Save

Every individual vaper’s overall savings after switching from smoking to vaping will depend entirely on their smoking habits. For example, someone who smokes one packet of cigarettes every day will likely spend more money on vape hardware than someone who smokes one packet of cigarettes per week. However, the comparison in spending money on tobacco to vape products could add up to thousands.

  1. Considering the Nicotine Content

Just like every vape user will have different requirements in terms of design, they will also have dissimilar nicotine needs. This is why so many vape liquids on the market contain zero nicotine. When shopping for nicotine products, remember that nicotine is addictive and so, you should avoid using a vape with a high nicotine content if you previously did not smoke cigarettes. Generally, the percentage will vary from 0-24%.

  1. What is Propylene Glycol (PG)?

This organic compound is derived from propylene oxide. It is not toxic and has a subtly sweet flavor. It proves useful for retaining water and regulating e-cig temperature. Opt for an e-liquid with a primarily Propylene Glycol (PG) base if you want to amplify the flavor.

  1. What is Vegetable Glycerin (VG)?

Another ingredient contained in e-liquids, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a colorless polyol compound that does not emit an odor. It also tastes sweet and is commonly used to make cosmetic products and pharmaceutical-grade foods and medicines.

  1. Cleaning Your Vape to Extend its Life

This is absolutely essential if you want to get the most for your money. Failure to maintain a vape may cause it to die a premature death. You’ll notice that your atomizer heads and coils need cleaning if your vape tastes a bit strange. Aside from rinsing the tank with water and cleaning/replacing the coils, you can extend a device’s lifespan by turning down the power, using VG-based juices and priming the coils ahead of vaping.