Medical Cannabis Delivery Has Come to Utah – Sort Of

Medical Cannabis Delivery Has Come to Utah – Sort Of

Medical Cannabis Delivery Has Come to Utah – Sort Of

Utah lawmakers did a good thing in 2021 when they opened the door to medical cannabis home delivery. Utah is a largely rural state, so having to drive into one of just a few major metropolitan areas to obtain cannabis medications is a hassle. Home delivery addresses that problem. Unfortunately, it is not fully up to speed yet.

Home delivery proponents look forward to the day when any patient in the state can make a phone call or place an online order and have delivery arrive the same day. But that is still a long way off. Between now and then, there are a lot of things that need to be ironed out.

If you are Utah medical cannabis patient, here is what you need to know about home delivery:

                        1. Availability Is Limited

For the time being, home delivery availability is limited to the state’s major metropolitan areas. Yes, the point was to avoid having to drive to one of those areas. But for now, delivery providers have to build a strong enough business to make delivery worth their while. That means starting in the cities and working outward.

The state also has to set up a mechanism whereby pharmacies and delivery providers can set up remote locations so that not all products have to originate from a major metropolitan area. Once that hurdle is overcome, rural deliveries will be a lot easier.

                     2. Not All Pharmacies Participate

The people behind Provo Deseret Wellness medical cannabis pharmacy explain that not all pharmacies are currently participating in home delivery. Each pharmacy must decide for itself whether delivery is feasible. And should they elect to offer it, they have to decide between hiring their own drivers or partnering with a contractor.

                   3. Cash Payment May Be Necessary

Although pharmacies, delivery providers, and the financial sector are working on solutions to allow electronic payments, cash payments are still the norm in Utah. That means you may have to pay for home delivery products with cash. If you do find a pharmacy that will accept debit and credit cards, consider yourself lucky.

As a side note, pharmacies are not all that excited about the cash payment model either. It makes more work for them and presents unnecessary danger for delivery drivers. Hopefully, the payment issue is resolved in short order.

                   4. Delivery Restrictions Are in Play

You should also know that certain delivery restrictions are in play. First of all, you must be home to receive your delivery directly. A driver cannot leave your medicine with someone else. They also cannot leave it at the front door and walk away.

On a similar note, you cannot have your medicine delivered to any location other than the residence you reported to the state via the EVS. That means you cannot have it delivered to your workplace, your mother’s house, or your friend’s house on the other side of town.

                   5. A Valid Card Is Still Required

Finally, home delivery does not mitigate the need for a valid medical cannabis card. You must still have a card to make your purchase. Furthermore, you must physically meet with a qualified medical provider in order to obtain your card. Home delivery changes none of this.

Medical cannabis home delivery has arrived in Utah, sort of. It is now legally allowed, but it’s going to take some time before statewide delivery is available to any and all who want it. If you are a Utah medical cannabis user, be patient. The industry and lawmakers will get things ironed out in time.

George Abbot

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