There has been a lot of hue and cry in the market revolving around the authenticity of steroids, and it’s almost like looking for a needle in a haystack when spotting the odd man out.

Believe it or not, counterfeiting anabolic steroids has turned into a huge business, and each is trying to outdo the other by selling a better version of steroids.

Earlier, it was easy to spot the counterfeited steroids from their poor appearance, but now, the difference can be noticed only with a trained eye. Not everyone can verify the authenticity of steroids, and sometimes, even the most trained individuals fail to notice the telling signs.

Counterfeiting labs are able to mimicboth fake and genuine steroids because there is robust equipment available to make that possible.

Don’t fall into the trap of fake steroids
It makes you wonder how to deal with such sophisticated fraudulent situations, like figuring out the difference between fake and genuine steroids! It’s not always about the money, but putting your health at risk could lead to irreversible consequences.

Fake steroids are obviously not safe for consumption, and are mostly contaminated. You might land up taking in hormones that might not be even listed on the label, which is health risk.

A lot of research has gone into verifying the authenticity of steroids, using viabletricks and hacks to examine whether the product is genuine or not. Nevertheless, simple home detection methods don’t work most of the times, and that’s why you need a foolproof way to spot a not from the genuine steroids.

Have a look at the batch number and expiration date

Take some time to check the drug labels closely; they have a batch number and an expiry date listed. Counterfeiters mess up most of the time. Every package has a unique batch number. Also, the batch number and expiration date are added later on, and they won’t be printed on the box. Stamping the boxes should be done individually, but because stamping is costly, counterfeiters take to this process to save money.

You can easily check whether batch numbers and dates were added at the time of production, if they were added later.

Check holograms and company name

If the product is from real companies, then it will surely have a hologram of the company on the package,together with the safety stickers. If they are there, then you can easily identify the legitimacy of the product that you buy. Also, there’s an identification number on the vial or on the tablet pack that you can cross-check with the company’s website.

  • Check the seals
    If there’s a seal, the identification process becomes easier. Real labs go above and beyond to seal their products with the greatest care and expertise. Also, you’ll notice a company name or hologram on the real seal.In the case of fake steroids, you won’t find any seal at all!

As counterfeits don’t have so many resources, they usually do the packaging by hand, so you’ll find that the seal is usually loose and not so hard to open. If you notice these telling signs, you can be sure that you’re working with a fake brand.

  • Check the format
    Real and genuine drugs come in a push-through plastic blister with sealed injections, whereas, counterfeits make multi-dose vials. They use a single bottle and put loose pills in it since they are cheaper and quicker to manufacture.You need to be extra careful with such bottles and packages while buying these low-quality and fraudulent anabolic steroids.
  • Do an exhaustive research
    You must check the composition and try locating the picture of a well-known legitimate product on Google. It’s very important to know how a drug or steroid looks like. If you find any differences at all between the product and your research, just walk away from the product.
  • Try test kits for AAS
    These kits are extremely helpful and they are specifically designed to identify the substances present in vials and tablets. By adding a little amount of gear to the vials, you can detect the legit from the fake. But it’s important that you learn how to work your way around these test kits. Make sure you follow a proper procedure and see it through from the start to finish responsibly.

When there are diverse ways of spotting the fake steroids from the genuine, why would you want to put your health at risk? It’s advisable and wise to stay safe rather than going with cheaper steroid derivatives and risk it all.