The demand for facial enhancement procedures is at an all-time high. Among the most common reasons that can rob you of your youthful appearance include wrinkles, skin sagging, fine lines, and sunken cheeks. Luckily, advancements in plastic surgery have brought hope of reversing these facial imperfections. Your best Miami aesthetic medical spa provides substantial results in facial rejuvenation.

The specialists at Brickell Cosmetic Center are committed to high-quality services to help you feel and look younger once more. Below are facial rejuvenation techniques to help achieve your beauty goals.

Brow Lift

A brow lift helps lift the eyebrows from the outside while minimally affecting the area’s middle aspect. Brickell Cosmetic Center’s mini lateral brow lift slightly elevates your eyebrow to give it a natural appearance. Your provider will subtly rotate your eyebrows’ tail upwards and towards the outer side so that the upper third of your face can be rejuvenated. This helps your eyes appear sharper, brighter, and more youthful. A brow lift will also:

  • Lift falling eyebrows
  • Repair wrinkles
  • Improve brow wrinkles

Your doctor at Brickell Cosmetic Center works to ensure that you get natural-looking results and subtly elevated eyebrows.

Neck Lift

By the time you are in your mid-40s, your skin’s elasticity drops at an alarming rate. At Brickell Cosmetic Center, your doctor uses neck lift surgery to help the neck muscles regain elasticity and remove excess fat which has developed over time. This minimally invasive surgery will work best if your skin has good elasticity. If your skin has lost elasticity, the procedure will not work for you. Among the imperfections that can be targeted by a neck lift surgery include:

  •   Jowls
  •   Horizontal lines
  •   “Turkey neck”
  •   Double chin

The procedure can be combined with others including facelifts and brow lift to give your face a full rejuvenation. Chin implants and lower facelifts usually augment neck lift surgery to enhance the jawline’s appearance for a more youthful look.

Deep Plane Facelift

As your skin continues to lose its elasticity due to aging, it can begin to sag in some facial regions. You require a facelift surgery to remove excess skin on your face. A deep plane facelift is an invasive procedure that helps create a backward and upward lift on the skin to avoid sagging. It tightens the thick layer of tissues below the skin. The procedure will work if you are looking to rejuvenate your face and neck naturally. The procedure does not cause stress on the skin since all the tension is placed on the SMAS layer.

The deep plane facelift procedure is an advanced facelift technique and has a lot of benefits when performed by experienced professionals. Among these benefits include:

  •   Leaves no scarring
  •   Corrects severe jowls and marionette lines
  •   Has conservative and natural results
  •   Has a short downtime
  •   Elevating the cheeks and midface
  •   Low risk of postoperative irregularities including fluid collections

Do not allow your skin to make it easy for people to guess how old you are. Visit your provider to learn more about the available options for facial rejuvenation.