Different Ways You Can Exercise Despite Daily Busy Schedule

Too busy to exercise, or too lazy? Stop making excuses and live a healthy lifestyle.

The bulk of the population who doesn’t exercise at all has a lot of excuses. It’s either they’re not interested in any physical bustle at all or they don’t have enough discipline to consistently tackle the physical routine.

However, sneaking in exercise does not really have to be tedious. You don’t even have to go out of the house and drive to the gym, risking yourself of unwanted injuries from car accidents. Now, that might sound extreme, but the point is: you can exercise daily even without your workout attire.

The following are some tips on how you can go about just that:

  1. Create a “move more” mindset.

Reminding yourself to move more is itself a way for you to slowly get your body shoving. You need to make it a habit to choose “movement” rather than “immobility”. For example, instead of preparing a jar of drinking water in your room, go downstairs to fetch yourself water from time to time. Stand more, move more, and choose effort. Again, it doesn’t have to be all out. You just have to commit to movement.


  1. Commit to regular activity.

This doesn’t require you to be a fitness buff. You just need to have yourself commit to one particular physical activity that you can regularly do . Even a 5-15 minutes’ exercise will do, or perhaps a simple watering the plants yourself every day, or a short brisk walk with your dog. Committing to this regular activity and doing it every day can already be a good start. We can begin with habit formation here. From there, we can scale up.

  1. Find your favorite exercise.

Most forms of standard exercise are a literal pain in the bum. However, if you can find a kind of exercise that you actually enjoy, that would really be awesome. For instance, if you like swimming, then you can go for that. If you like Zumba, go ahead and stick to it. Whatever it is, as long as it keeps you moving, you’re on the right track.

  1. Give your house a power cleaning

Whether you like it or not, you really have to keep your house look less messy from time to time. A general cleaning, when done regularly, can already be your little exercise dash. You can just add some twist to the deed. For example, you can wash dishes while practicing single balance (standing on one leg). Or you can do the dusting and vacuuming while doing walking lunges. The trick is all up to you. Just try cracking things up a notch.

  1. Just dance!

Whether they’re a good dancer or not, people love it when they dance. If you have two left feet, you can try locking the doors while doing your solo disco bash. Turn your beat on, and dance your heart out.

The points above are just simple ways to insert exercise into your daily life without having to go supreme. Just a few tweaks, and you’re on your way to boosting your health and fitness– slowly but surely.

George Abbot

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