Your joints are the most commonly affected parts of your body if you are an active athlete, thanks to their general functions. A slight fall or blow can result in an inflammation making it uncomfortable for the joint to move freely. Dr. Zachary K Perlman is a sports medicine specialist who treats both amateur and professional athletes of all ages. Dr. Perlman and his experts’ team believe that preventive care is essential. Therefore, these professionals mostly focus on non-invasive treatment options to alleviate their patients’ symptoms and ease them from pain.

Sports-related injuries offered at Kai Sports Medicine LLC include:

Knee injury

 Your knee is one of the common parts of your body that you are likely to injure, thanks to the way your knee joint moves and its uses. Whether you hurt your knee during sports or an accidental fall, the occurrence will affect your cartilage, tendons, bones, and ligaments surrounding the affected knee.

The injury is usually caused by a bending or twisting force or a direct blow to the knee. You should therefore contact your doctor when you have difficulty walking or the inability to straighten your leg. After evaluating your symptoms, your doctor will recommend a treatment plan that best suits your needs to ease you from the painful symptoms.

The treatment options for a knee injury include:

  • Regenerative therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Cortisone injections
  • Use of anti-inflammatories
  • Splinting or knee immobilization
  • Orthopedic surgery

Shoulder injury

Your shoulders have a versatile motion range and when you hurt either of the two, you will compromise your ability to move freely. Additionally, a hurt shoulder will subject you to pain and discomfort. You are likely to suffer from a shoulder injury because of several contributing factors. However, rotator cuff tendinitis is the main reason why your shoulders will hinder your movements. Characterized by inflamed tendons, tendinitis can either occur because of an injury or gradually over time.

Though most shoulder injuries might not need a professional’s help, you should contact your doctor when you experience lasting pains that exceed a few weeks, have a fever, and have difficulty moving your shoulder.


You are most likely to suffer from a sports-related concussion when you get a direct blow to your head, neck, or any of your body parts that will send a strong force to your head. The sudden movements result in your brain’s temporal chemical changes and could make you have an altered mental state.

Sports-related concussions are prevalent and predominantly affect many athletes. You will suffer from a concussion when your skull jolts violently, causing your brain to hit the sides of your head. Though sports-related concussions are common in many sports, not all sports will make you have a concussion. High-impact sports that can cause concussions include hockey, boxing, and football.

Your doctor will treat your concussions depending on your symptoms’ severity. At Kai Sports Medicine LLC, the specialists use non-invasive treatments including pain relievers, mind-body techniques, and therapies to alleviate your symptoms.

Sports-related injuries are common and you should not ignore their symptoms. If you fail to seek professional help for your joints, bones, and muscles’ injuries, you could increase your chances of developing severe complications. Contact your specialist and book an appointment for more information.