Common Misconception about Tooth Implants
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Common Misconception about Tooth Implants

When it comes to a missing tooth, dentures remained the only option for decades. Fortunately, advancements in dental implant technology have made more options available, including dental implants Melbourne.  Dental implants are far superior to dentures and bridges. Besides, dental implants have the highest success rate than other teeth restorative option. Though dental implants have high success rate, still people tend to avoid the procedure due to some rumours. In this blog, we have dispelled the common misconceptions about cheap dental implants in Melbourne.

Tooth implants don’t look real:

Do you know dental implants gained its popularity because of its ability to look and function like a natural tooth? Yes! So, it is indeed a myth that you shouldn’t believe. Unlike dentures, dental implants feel, look, and function like natural teeth. The crown is custom-made to fit your natural teeth and made from ceramic to resemble real teeth, and the dentist will ensure that the colour, shape, and size of the implants match your existing teeth. Nobody could find that you have an artificial tooth.

Dental implants is expensive

Of course, the dental implants cost Melbourne is high but they are not expensive. In fact, the price is high compared to dentures for good reasons. Many patients fail to understand that dentures come with hidden charges later on. Every 10 years, dentures need to be replaced. Whereas, dental implants are one time investment that can last for a life time with minimal investment. Besides, there are several factors that affect the dental implants cost Melbourne, including anaesthesia, number of replacement teeth, additional procedure, material of the crown, and experience of the dentist. By choosing payment plans you can pay the cost of dental procedure. Many dental clinics offer flexible payment options to make the dental treatments affordable for all. Discuss your options with your dentist.

Implants are uncomfortable:

Dental implants are popular for many reasons and comfort is one of them. Since they are securely placed inside the jawbone, dental implants are very comfortable to wear. They do no slip or fall when you speak, chew, and smile. In fact, you can speak, smile, and eat confidently. On the other hand, dentures are not reliable, cause discomfort and embarrass you sometimes.

Dental implants surgery is invasive and painful:

NO! With advanced dental technologies and techniques, dental implant procedure has become minimally invasive and less painful. Moreover, the procedure itself is carried out under anaesthesia so you won’t experience any pain during the placement of implant. Sedation dentistry has paved the way to get dental procedures without any pain.

If you have a lost a tooth, dental implants Melbourne could be the ideal solution. Speak to your dentist and know your options.