Gilbert is a small town in Arizona found southeast of Phoenix within the city’s metropolitan area. It is the fourth fastest-growing place in the United States. Food allergies in Gilbert are as common as in any other city across the country. Allergies send an estimated fifteen million Americans to the emergency room each year and contribute to 150 deaths. If you have a food allergy in Gilbert, the following are some of the best strategies to help you manage it:

Avoid Your Trigger Food Completely

Be aware that many everyday foods and ingredients contain hidden sources of common allergens, including soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, and milk products. Keep a list of ingredients in all the dishes, beverages, and snacks you consume at home, school, or work to avoid accidental poisonings. It takes commitment and vigilance to prevent your food allergen, so informing family members and friends about your condition is essential. Tell your food service staff about your allergy if you eat at school or the workplace. To avoid cross-contamination, you should wash dishware and utensils thoroughly after they come in contact with foods that contain allergens.

Know How Your Allergies Affect You

In general, if your allergy is mild (hives, swelling of the lips), you’ll only need to avoid very problematic foods. If you have severe reactions (cramps, anaphylactic shock), you’ll need to avoid many foods. Sometimes, just thinking about your trigger food can cause a reaction. Keeping track of your allergies is the best way to know how they affect you. Keep records on when and where reactions occur by writing down what you eat before an attack, noting geographical location and the time of day. Also, keep track of any symptoms and the severity of the reaction.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Since it is nearly impossible to avoid all sources of common allergens, wash your hands frequently to reduce the risk of accidental ingestion, which is especially important after eating, preparing food, and before eating a meal. Washing your hands thoroughly before eating is critical. Clean your hands for 15 seconds with warm water and soap until the natural oils are emulsified. Rinse thoroughly under running water, ensuring that the soapy residue has been removed.

Food allergies in Gilbert

Don’t Take Chances

If you or a loved one has an allergic reaction (symptoms such as hives, swelling of the lips, breathing problems), don’t hesitate to call 911 immediately. If another person has a severe reaction, stay with them until emergency personnel arrive and tell paramedics precisely what the person is allergic to the severity of their reaction, and any medications they have taken.

Build a Support Team

Having a support team around you will be essential for managing your allergies. For instance, write down what you ate or drank if you have an allergic reaction so your doctor can help determine the cause of the problem. In addition, let your loved ones know exactly what you’re allergic to and remind them to read labels when buying food. If you have a severe allergy, also talk with the management of your child’s school so they can be proactive in preventing future attacks.

Food allergies are common in Gilbert. If you have a food allergy in Gilbert, the above tips will help you manage it well. However, if your symptoms are severe or become worse, please see a doctor immediately.