Benefits of Crown and Bridges

Benefits of Crown and Bridges

Benefits of Crown and Bridges

601 Dental is one of the best Pembroke Pines crowns and bridges specialists. If you do have a problem with your teeth, you should call them as soon as you can.

Crowns and bridges are used to restore damaged teeth. They perform different functions but are often used together.

Only after a consultation with a dentist can you surely know if you need to have a crown, a bridge or both. Each dental case is unique and you need to maintain proper dental health to ensure you can keep your crown or bridge in its optimal condition.

There are tremendous benefits to getting crowns and bridges including:

They Last the Longest

Crowns are incredibly durable dental fixtures. Despite most dental installments lasting for more than 5 years, a crown’s durability is even more impressive.

A crown usually lasts north of 15 years after it is installed. That is if the person using the crown maintains a good level of dental health.

If done extremely well, crowns can last for a lifetime. Since they can last for so long with little regular maintenance needed, they tend to be a pretty cost-effective solution.

Dental crowns are one of the few medical solutions that keep you away from your doctor.


Whenever you have a problem with your teeth, the way they look is always a significant determining factor in the treatment for which you will opt.

When you have a crown placed on your tooth, it will make them look incredibly amazing. Crowns are used by dentists to restore the original shape of your tooth among many other reasons. It is the best solution in terms of reshaping your teeth.

Ceramic crowns are the best in this regard. Their color can be made to match the adjoining teeth.

A dental bridge also has the same effect on your dental aesthetics. Your smile can be restored to its former glory with a bridge, or better yet, made even better.

Protection and Restoration

Protecting your teeth is the most important aspect of dental care and visiting the dentist. It not only makes our teeth stronger but reduces your trips to the dentist.

A dental crown is one of the best forms of protection that your teeth can receive from paying the dentist a visit. A crown also offers protection when your teeth have been weakened by a root canal or another dental procedure.

The dental bridge is a great tool for restoring tooth functionality. With the improved functionality, your chewing will be improved and also your speech in cases where both had been adversely affected.

Stress Distribution

Dental crowns made of metal or ceramic tend to be quite strong. If there is a problem with your teeth, chances are the force of chewing is not being evenly distributed. A dental crown can help change that.

A dental bridge is also a fantastic tool as it pertains to even force distribution. With a bridge, chewing force is uniformly distributed and spread out to supporting teeth making it much easier to chew your food.

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