A Guide to Help You Prepare for Botox

A Guide to Help You Prepare for Botox

A Guide to Help You Prepare for Botox

Your phone beeps and lights up; a reminder you are set for your first Botox appointment next month. You can’t wait to make memories and smile at Union Square’s joyful happenings without constantly worrying someone will notice your facial lines, or even wrinkles. Here is how you should prep before undergoing Botox in Union Square:

  1. The Specialist

When it comes to Botox treatment, it goes beyond the prick and feel of a needle into your skin. Research exhaustively on the specialist doing the procedure for you to check whether they have a valid license for the practice.

Additionally, you may also inquire from previous patients who can vouch for the specialist. You wouldn’t want to end up with a botched and pulled look. The treatment aims to enhance the appearance of your skin and give it a natural look.

  1. Keep Makeup at Bay

When going for your Botox treatment, it will be advisable to avoid wearing makeup on your face. It can include the application of primer, foundation, and even powder. It will help your specialist focus on the problematic areas without anything appearing hidden.

  1. Say No to Alcohol

If you are a regular fan of the bottle, drinking before undergoing the procedure will inhibit your ability to achieve optimum results. When you consume alcohol soon before the treatment, your blood clotting ability reduces.

Consequently, you may develop bruising, which is not a useful feature in the healing process.

  1. Think of the Medication

Taking some medication before undergoing the procedure can affect your healing process. Some drugs can increase your probability of bruising. Always inform your specialist on the type of prescription, such as blood thinners you are taking to help him or her advise you on the best time for Botox treatment.

It is essential to note that you should avoid taking any medication without consulting your doctor first. You should get the green light before indulging in any over the counter medicines.

Medication such as aspirin and ibuprofen can increase bruising effects. Some supplements can also be detrimental in your healing after Botox treatment.

  1. Psychological Preparation

Before undergoing the treatment, learn to manage your expectations. While you will notice remarkable improvement, it will do you more harm than good to expect a complete 360-degree turn after the first Botox application.

  1. Your Diet is Essential

When going for a Botox treatment, ensure you have had a proper meal. Additionally, make sure you drink enough water to maintain your water and blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, ensure you wear comfortable clothing and footwear. You can also tag your family or friends for moral and physical support to help you drive back home. However, you will still do fine by yourself.

It would be best to voice your fears, concerns, opinions, and even expectations to your Botox specialist before having the treatment. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about taking a lot of time off work, as you will experience minimal downtime after the procedure.

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